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Stemming from New York we proudly introduce the best selection of high quality hemp, and hemp infused organic oils.

Find your perfect blend.

Healing Body Oils Collection


This Years Harvest Strains

2022/2023 New Harvest Strains coming soon, join our Newsletter to stay updated on our harvests!

Who We Are

We are a Native American Women owned and operated company, established in 2019.  We grow full spectrum hemp on our Sovereign Territory, the Shinnecock Indian Nation; located in Southampton, New York. We are a team of horticulture specialists, herbal healers, as well as business professionals and ethnobotanists.

Our mission to continue teaching traditional. . . 


From Our Customers

 I suffer from a disease that attacks my lower leg muscle and calves. My calves burn to the point I'm unable to walk. I have seeked out several doctors' opinions and have tried several medications and I have not found 1 that has worked. My doctor referred me to Shinnecock Hemp, I began with their sugar free magic drops and the Potion #5.  I now use this daily for almost 4 months because I found this medicine was the only thing that is helping me, I walk daily and have no burning.Thank you Shinnecock Hemp.

Mr. Jim

Ingredients Guide

These all natural carrier oils and herbs are amongst our most popular blends ingredients.

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Lavender Essential Oil