Cannabis, a significant role in Indigenous peoples culture.

The cannabis plant has always played a significant role in Indigenous people's culture. Used as an herbal remedy for many ailments and was honored as a medicine that could elevate your spirit and mind to seek answers, somewhat like peyote. Peyote is also a Schedule 1 federally illegal controlled substance.

Today with cannabis being taken off the state-by-state illegal list

I believe the Native people are using that to now speak freely about the cannabis plant and becoming more involved to bring the knowledge of how medicinal this plant truly is. There are Tribes all over the U.S right now turning tobacco outlets and Tribal casinos into botanical, cannabis and hemp businesses and dispensaries.

The changing of the laws has greatly impacted how some Native people view cannabis. We have known cannabis to be a healing plant for a very long time, however, it if it takes the federal governments A-OK to say that it is good to be used, then so be it.

Now that you know it's not illegal to use hemp/cannabis medicines, please listen to some people who have studied, and worked with the plant for true insight. Here at Shinnecock Hemp Growers we grow our plants organically with a goal to remediate the soil and improve the quality of the land. We do not over plant, over harvest, or remove plants before they mature. We respect what the plant is and what it does. It is not about "getting high" or not, it's about what real medicinal values it has and to promote that plant medicines are a real thing. There are alternatives to pharmaceuticals that work, people need to be educated on them before making a decision to say that plant medicines do not work. There are entities that we are told to listen to that tell us that only their pharmaceuticals will work for your ailments. This is not true. The COVID 19 vaccine being another vaccine that we do not know what it is, or what it will do to our bodies in the long run. The best thing to do right now is to begin an herbal remedy regiment. As Indigenous people we know how important this information is currently, and we as kind Native people want to share with all who will listen that there is a way to help keep you and your family safe without the use of big pharma meds. Give your body a break and begin using good medicine, it is worth a try!

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