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Shinnecock Hemp Growers Team

We Love What We do!


Our Story

We are women powered!! We are multicultural operated!! We are a business enterprise that defines social equity.

In 2019, Shinnecock Hemp Growers was formed to become one of the first, First Nations women owned hemp companies in New York State. We're a team of skillful horticulture specialists, spiritual healers, ethnobotanists, and business professionals that are dedicated to every aspect of restorative growing methods.

We cultivate and create high quality hemp infused products and herbal remedies that are made for whole body wellness.

Our Business

We are headquartered on the Shinnecock Indian Nation Territory, Long Island N.Y.  We organically grow chemical free hemp and medicinal herbs that we use in every one of our products.  We commit to using only the highest quality plant extractions, organic virgin cold pressed oils and volatile chemical compound oils derived from the various herbal plants.

We pride ourselves on our regenerative farming cultivation style, and our extensive knowledge of how medicinal plants interact with the human body. We bring our preferred clientele ONLY the purest herbal infusions that have been shown to have amazing results.

We want to thank you for visiting our page and we hope to hear from you.  Please read some of our reviews from our clients. Enjoy your time on our site and please feel free to email us anytime with your questions about hemp!

Until we meet again..follow our blog and watch us grow!

Our Mission

To help rebuild communities that have been negatively impacted by the Cannabis Sativa L. prohibition. By involving these communities and by creating business partnerships with like minded companies we hope to bring healing to human beings' lives and healing to our Mother Earth. 

Our Vision

Do our part in ending climate crisis, and social inequality through cultivation of plant medicines.


Meet The Team



Co-owner / C.M.O

Product Developer of Shinnecock Hemp Growers


Product Developer

Project Mananger/Grower of Shinnecock Hemp Growers


Project Manager / Grower

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