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Get to Know Hemp

  • What is Hemp?
    Hemp is the same plant as Cannabis Sativa L. Hemp is classified by the Federal Government as a variation of the Cannabis Sativa L plant. It contains a very low percentage of the intoxicating compound THC.
  • What does it mean?
    The term Full Spectrum in this context is simply a plant that has been grown naturally and contains all of the naturally occurring components, including terpenes; and cannabinoids like CBD and CBN. Full spectrum extract oils contain the full variety of the cannabinoids working in harmony. This is different than CBD isolate which chemically separates CBD. Full spectrum oil is said that it responds better to your endocannabinoid system, the internal body system that conducts good feelings, overall.
  • Does Hemp get you high?
    No! Hemp does not get you high. It has a very low percentage of THC.
  • How does this differ from CBD isolate?
    The difference in products that contain only CBD come from when the hemp plant goes through an isolation process. Products that contain only CBD, are usually isolate. Be wise and know who you are buying from. Make sure your hemp/CBD products come from a natural source. Be sure to read the websites and look for those who actually grow the plants, this is a better choice because it will ensure you are getting a truly organic and natural product.
  • What does decarbed Hemp mean?
    You will continuously see the word "decarb" or "decarbed", what does this mean? To decarb is to bring your hemp/cannabis to the correct temperature and time to activate the cannabinoids in the raw plant material. This is needed for your product to work. Hemp/cannabis is usually burned (smoked) to get effects. This process brings it to the magic temperature as if you were lighting it up. Without this you will not get the desired results you are looking for. It can be frustrating and can ruin your product if not done right, so WE offer to do this process for you.

If you have any questions about what you're purchasing, about our Hemp products of our Hemp, we would be happy to assist you. Please fill out the contact form.


We are here to help you on your journey to experience higher healing.

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