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Heartberry Hemp

We've aimed to create specialty products that will support the transitions through pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Like other top HEMP companies, Heartberry Hemp products compare. Our bundles are made for birthing persons and are meant to cater to everything a birthing body experiences, from menstrual cramps to afterbirth soreness.


Why Hemp?

Hemp helps to repair the soil by acting as a natural filtration system. Hemp is good for you and for Mother Earth.  Shinnecock Hemp ONLY uses the highest quality Hemp extracts, to bring you healing topicals, enlightening tinctures and magical superfoods.

100% Organically Grown

100% Chemical FREE


Why Did We Collaborate?

The point of this collaboration is to bring different methods of 'experiencing higher healing' for birthing persons, their families and households.The bigger picture for us : releasing the stigma around this ever-so generous medicinal plant.


Our Collection

​Motherhood requires patience.

Health and wellness is always a top priority of moms and mom-to-be. Lack of sleep, stress and other deprivations can limit moms to preform at their fullest capacity. HEMP is safe to use while pregnant and breastfeeding according to current research, but make sure to discuss with your doctor or midwife before using during pregnancy!

Ahna Red Fox

is one of the faces and masterminds behind this
collaboration and collection of products.

Some years ago, she had an idea: all natural products for birthing persons to feel loved, nurtured and supported throughout their bodies transitions during pregnancy. Her and her best friend, Nashaue Hill of Shinnecock Hemp, decided that they should infuse these products with hemp.  

The beginnings of Heartberry Hemp came to fruition this year, as she created and birthed her second child.

Ahna is a Full Spectrum Indigenous Birth Worker (doula). She founded Wuttahminneoh Birth Work in March of 2019. She's a board member of East End Birth Network in Southampton, New York. She's attended four births to date and continues to do many works that relate to birthing persons and maternal health in and outside of our Shinnecock community.

We Encourage

you to try Heartberry Hemp products to see the beauty that plant medicines have to offer.
If you'd like to try our Heartberry Hemp Collection go to to order!

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