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Incorporation with

Sovereign Indigenous Growers on Native Land and Seas

a native owned business network


What is S.I.G.N.L.S?

The acronym stands for Sovereign Indigenous Growers on Native Land and Seas.


It's meant to represent how communications were made by using smoke signals, one of the earliest types of air communication.

Today we have the internet, which makes communicating much easier. By taking advantage of the global access it provides, we're able to share our knowledge with the world, faster! Through education we can continue to teach once another in hopes to inspire and encourage.


The Turtle and The Hemp

Our logo is a turtle with a stalk of hemp growing out of it like an antenna.  Native people use the term turtle island, which is our way of saying the land on which we originate from. When you see this logo you will know this is where you can find real time information about what Native people are currently doing within the agriculture and aquaculture industries.

Shinnecock Hemp Logo2.png
Native Drums

Two Viable Industries

We chose to showcase these industries because of the massive growth opportunities,  these are sustainable businesses, and a huge part of our cultural.  We are Earth and Water people and every Native Nation has their own traditions methods, language, government, and community organizations. This is what this network is all about! 

Share Your Story

This network is a shared platform of blogs, articles, press releases and videos.  We want your story! Take advantage of technology and inform your Native brothers and sisters about what challenges you are facing,  what successful businesses look like, as well as your experiences on how you got there. Today information on demand is how we learn, only it  Start sending your smoke SIGNLS and be a part of creating stronger Intertribal connections.

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