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25 gummy style candies available in 2 flavors and sugar free tart cherry. Our gummies are magic! Our gummy candies are made with activated or decarbed full spectrum hemp flower that we cook into vegetable glycerin base. This is why our gummies work much faster, taste better than other brands, and why you will love them. Vegetable glycerin has many uses it is used in cooking, baking, body cosmetics, natural sweetener and is used to make the liquid for electronic vape pens. Vape juice is not a safe way to consume VG, we use it in a more organic way by just adding it to our gummy recipe. 

The VG when consumed orally gets into your blood stream much faster than coconut oil or other oils used, and this is what you want when consuming hemp or cannabis. We want to feel results fast, so we created this recipe to do just that.

We use eco-friendly rice bags to package and to hold the integrity of its contents. Rice bags are made from the same paper as joint or tobacco rolling papers. We recommended you take daily weather you have symptoms or not, they need to be taken just like you take any other prescribed medications. The daily intake will maintain that you feel good throughout your day and sleep well through the night.

You must try to believe how magical our gummies are. We urge you to stop searching now and order these today, we guarantee you will be so glad you did. Full refund for unsatisfied consumers. BTW..we haven’t had to refund anyone. ;)


*no artificial sweeteners 

*grass fed gelatin

*USP food grade VG



25 servings | up to 25MG per serving | up to 625MG of active hemp cannabinoids per unit 

Nt.Wt 2.65 oz



SweetGrass Confections

  • BERRY LIFE ( for Extreme Body, Joint, and Muscle discomfort)

    • Organically grown full spectrum hemp
    • Strawberry Extract, Artificial flavor and color
    • Gelatin
    • Food grade vegetable glycerin infused with Sativa hemp
    • No artificial sweetners
    • Spring Water

    TROPICAL (for Sleep & Stress Relief)

    • Organically grown full spectrum hemp 
    • Orange, mango, and banana extract
    • Gelatin
    • Food grade vegetable glycerin infused with Indica hemp
    • No artificial sweetners
    • Artificial color and flavor added

      Our gummies taste great, are very potent, the benefits are:

    • Get deep restful sleep
    • Wake up refreshed
    • Lower anxiety
    • Improve sleep cycles and Stage 3 sleep
    • Non Habit forming


  • These product are intended for use to support your internal endocannabinoid system. These specialts oils are formulated using 100% organically grown hemp derived CBD, CBN, and CBG.

    All products contain 0.3% or less delta-9 THC content. It's legally defined as hemp. 


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