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It Begins With A Good Seed

Sharing our grow from the beginning we hope that most people will learn from what we do, follow in our grow style, and learn how to respect this plant.

There are several steps to growing, first we want to source viable seed. Questions like where do I get seed? What kind of seeds should I get, and how do I start?

Sourcing seed form the internet is a daunting task, trust me it can get overwhelming and confusing. First think about what you want out of the plant, and where you live or plan to grow. We want hemp flower, we are not growing for fiber. We are seeking hemp plants that produce high CBD%. That means a CBD% over 15%. All seed companies will have this information on the descriptions. We also want both sativa and indica for different uses, and varieties that grow better in the North East.

In the past we have sourced from Two Snakes Seed a Humbolt Seed company, and we had great results. We are going to stick with who we know because they sold us viable seed that produced beautiful plants. I have learned fast in this business to stick with what you know worked, it is only if you can't source from same place then start seeking other places, or if this is your first time growing.

The seeds you are looking for will be dark brown, black or dark grey in color, no cracks or holes, thin waxy coating, and if you are growing for flower you want feminized, however you can get not feminized then you have to know how to tell the sex of them when that time comes around.

Seed sourcing is going to be the first, most important thing to do for a successful grow. Let's start here and find a seed supplier, get them, and then we continue to the next steps.

Comment on this blog if you are growing from home and want to share your experiences with us and others. When you have found a good supplier, share with us who they are!

Happy seed searching! until we meet again...


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