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CBD isolate from our perception.

In this blog segment The Women of Shinnecock Hemp would like to introduce another in-depth Topic of Discussion and share some our thoughts behind our research of CBD isolate.

Please keep in mind that these segments aren't made to sway anyones decision on what to use, or judge them for using what they find useful to them. All minds and bodies are entitled to their own opinions, resources and remedies.

My curiosity automatically peaked for multiple reasons when I heard about CBD isolate especially since I love educating and updating myself on all things Cannabis.

To begin, it's important for us to know that - Cannabinoids working together is what gives Cannabis its medicinal power.

Cannabinoids are a group of closely related compounds existing within the Cannabis plant which include, cannabinol and the active constituents of cannabis. Therefore, when our bodies ingest activated Cannabinoids, it begins to stimulate and activate our bodies endocannabinoid system inducing our bodies reaction to it.

We believe that the only procedures of process any of our natural plants should go through are the time and temperature to make oils, tincture, edibles or other beneficial products.

Like most things that catch my interest, I wanted to have a true, deeper understanding of where this product came from, how this product really worked, in addition to, what really made it "more helpful" than the natural plant it stemmed from.

I wanted to start with the sole purpose of CBD isolate.

CBD isolate producing requirements are more detailed. The process requires removing every other element such as phospholipids and flavors, from the product, to cultivate a pure-form of CBD isolate. Thus, making the isolate become an alternative to full-spectrum CBD products, letting you be able to try CBD without partaking in the psychoactive compound of THC. The extraction commences a hydrocarbon solvent, the most common solvent used in CBD isolate is ethanol solvent with the help of an industrial centrifuge, or something similar.

Are we really believing that these money-hungry companies actually care about helping us heal ourselves and aren't using the more harmful solvents?

Which brought me to my most dominant statement:

Why can’t plants be left and used as they are?

One great prime example are coca shrubs. What started out as a traditional and medicinal plant used in many different cultures for its numerous healing qualities.

The Incas were a commonly known tribe for worshipping the magical plant. Amazed by its powerful properties, The Incas started trusting it enough to use it in their traditional, sacred ceremonies, and initiation rites. They had even more confidence in this magical plant that, it was completely normal for them to go full workdays without depending on anything but the revitalizing nutrients of its leaves.

Now, a once widely accepted traditional plant medicine has been completely dominated, contaminated and over-manufacturted. The most obvious is the greeed and obsession that comes with heightening negative brain neurons with toxic compounds.

These are only two prime examples out of millions of earth-given medicines, that have been tainted so much that you wouldn’t even want to believe that at one point in time, it assisted in healing so many of our vessels.

Why is it such taboo to speak out and advocate for the traditional plants that were placed here to help? Yet, it's acceptable to take the same plant and modify it to a next level hazardous substance, telling us this is the better option.

With the times we live in now it’s much easier to educate ourselves on having the right help and correct resources to find the most beneficial plant medicine to help positively heal our body, which guides us to be able to also heal our mind and spirit.

We believe in order to fully appreciate the true beautiful and natural state of a magical plant, the plant will need all of its components to truly work and help heal.

A key of information they failed to teach us is, everyones vessel is built differently. If a certain plant medicine isn’t for you, taking it out of its actual pure form and modifying it to work for you in some way, shouldn’t have to happen. While we respect everyones personal reasons for their use of it we encourage all bodies to be mindful of the damages it can cause to our bodies. There are so many natural plant alternatives to CBD/THC that don’t involve taking it out of its element. We encourage you to research and reflect on the best options for you.


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